The modern age has a false sense of security because of the great
mass of data at its disposal.  But the valid issue is the extent to which
man knows how to form and master the material at his command.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 1832.

Incidently, one of the better satires in this field is the article by
Rohner (1968) entitled "Jurimetrics, No!" in the American Bar
Association Journal.   He has a President Reagan use John Marshall's
axiom: "This is a government of laws and not men," to justify
replacing the entire judiciary in 1984 with late-model JUDIVAC

"The Legal System: Can it be Analyzed to Suit the Scientist?"
James Vanyo, Jurimetrics Journal, Winter 1973

While engaged in composing my dictionary, I was often so excited
by the discoveries I made, that my pulse, whose ordinary action is
scarely 60 beats to the minute, was accelerated to 80 or 95.

Noah Webster, An American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828

By trade he's a corn-chandler [said one character]. And what is a
corn chandler?
Peggy asked crossly... Lady Mear said: A man who
chandles corn, I suppose. Even my underrated intelligence can work
that out.

Barbara Worsley Gough, Public Affairs, London, 1932, p. 149